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Iain Will


Dr Iain Will

Iain is an oil painter and is inspired by the world around him. He is particularly interested in juxtaposing complementary colours to heighten the visual impact felt by the viewer. He feels that “colour is a very powerful tool for creating mood and the viewer is often struck by the colours in a painting first; then the  detail in the image shortly after”. His working style lies somewhere between realism and impressionism, depending on the subject matter.

Iain has been painting since he was six years old. He visited most of the wonderful North Yorkshire beauty spots with his family and illustrated his father’s diary as a young boy. He would create images of the wildlife they had seen, in either pencil, or gouache paints. This was the beginning of a life devoted to art. He now has a successful career in fine art, and has exhibited his work in many prestigious places. He Hopes you enjoy his work as much as he enjoys creating it.

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